White Faction Crisis (2150 CE)
Inside dreadnought

Marauders inside the dreadnought try to prevent on fire to Eos.

Location Mars, Eos, Badlands
Sides Factions:

Red Faction
White Faction

Commanders Red Faction

Jake Mason
White Faction
Adam Hale

Forces Red Faction
Key Engagements Battle of Bakhuysen Trench
Outcome Decisive Red Faction Victory
  • White Faction Dissolved.
  • Red Faction and Marauders relation improved. After the twenty-five year of hostility.
  • Adam Hale Disappeared his location is currently unknown retreating into deeper mountain side recruiting other forces like the Cultist to spark another war.

A Replica ship of Hydra that used to destroyed the Eos Sector. But it was destroyed after Alec Sacrifice himself to impact it.

White Faction Crisis It is an event that happened in the film movie Red Faction: Origins, which took place twenty-five year after the Second Martian Revolution  and prior to Cultist War.


The White Faction Crisis, It is a Conflict take place right after the Second Revolution of Mars, Alec and Samanya finally live together live with their family. the Red Faction and the Marauders finally make peace with each other after all the differences have gone through. But, that wasn't going to last as an Unknown Enemy group called the White Faction, the remnant of the EDF, assault the Mason family, killing Samanya and Kidnapping Lyra while dressed as Marauders, breaking the trust of both forces once again. After Twenty-Five years, Jake, searching for the answer and believing that his sister is still alive somewhere, processing to solving the mystery of the tragedy that happened to his family.


The start of the Conflict happens when the remains of the Hydra fall to the planet. The Red Faction Units come to Investigate the area to see if they can salvage parts from the ship, they instead discovered a dead group of Marauders. Jake then discovered the White Uniformed soldiers of the White Faction that had assault his family years ago, killing Samanya, his mother and kidnapped her sister Lyra. In the flashback, while asking her to jump, she couldn't as a White Faction soldier carried her away and she was never to see her family until twenty-five year later. Jake tried to attack one of the soldiers, and discovered that it was his sister, he was shocked that she has been one of them all these years since she disappeared. While most of battle took inside the Ship of Dreadnought, helped by couple of Marauders member, Leonid and Corvallis believing that is not Red Faction fault of Samanya death and took the fight with them. As the spaceship preparing to firing at Eos Sector. As Red Faction and Marauders continuing to arguing time and time again about blaming of the attack. But was resolved after Alec Sacrificed himself launching the flyer detonating mode right after they escape the Dreadnought and peace is restore.

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