In Red Faction: Guerrilla, weapons are categorized according to factions. There are three factions within the game; Red Faction, The Earth Defence Force, and The Marauders.

Red Faction WeaponryEdit

The Red Faction arsenal consists mostly of explosive, improvised weaponry. Red Faction weapons are mostly geared towards destroying structures, though many are also made for anti-vehicle purposes. Few are specifically geared towards anti-infantry. Aesthetically, most of these faction weapons are jury-rigged from various mechanical and improvised parts or tools.

There are three sets of Red Faction weapons: Ranged, placed, and melee. Most of the projectile weapons are rather bulky, and are required to be held and fired from the hip versus being fired from the shoulder. Placed weapons are explosive and are for the purposes of setting traps or taking out structural supports quickly. There is only one Red Faction melee weapon; the Sledgehammer, which is meant for both anti-infantry and anti-structural use. The are two variants of the Sledgehammer, which are both stronger than the original and differ aesthetically. Almost all Red Faction weapons can be upgraded by Samanya at a safehouse in exchange for salvage.

Earth Defense Force WeaponryEdit

Most of The EDF arsenal consists of advanced weapons geared towards anti-infantry use. Aside from mounted and placed weapons, EDF weaponry is meant for anti-infantry use at range. Only one EDF weapon has any anti-vehicle capabilities, and only one EDF weapon has any structural damage capabilities. Aesthetically, EDF weapons are high-tech and rather sleek, and most are shoulder-fired.

Marauder WeaponryEdit

The Marauder arsenal, like the Red Faction arsenal, consists of improvised weaponry. Except for Downloadable Content weapons, all Marauder weapons are meant for anti-infantry use at close range. Aesthetically, Marauder weapons are very primitive and tribal.

Red Faction WeaponsEdit

Name Damage Range Capacity Rate of Fire/Attack Specialty/Notes
Arc Welder high Short 50/150 Very High (Constant) Eliminates drivers without damaging vehicles; Stuns multiple enemies simultaneously.
Grinder Medium-High¹ Medium Moderate Fires disks.
Nano Rifle High Medium-Long 5/15-25¹ Moderate Disintegrates hitpoints rapidly for a few seconds; Disintegrates structures.
Proximity Mines High Short N/A - Placed Explodes on contact.
Remote Charges High Short 2/18-12/30¹ N/A - Placed Detonated manually.
Reconstructor Very Low Short High  Repairs and rebuilds structures.
Rocket Launcher High Medium-Long 3/3-6¹ Moderate Fires three rockets at once¹; Vehicle Lock-On¹.
Rocket Turret High Medium-Long Low-Moderate Mounted weapon with infinite ammunition.
Sledgehammer High-Very High¹ Very Low N/A - Melee Moderate Effective against infantry and buildings.
Thermobaric Rocket Launcher Very High Medium-Long 1/3 high Extremely large explosive radius; Manual or impact detonation.
¹ Upon Upgrade.

EDF WeaponsEdit

Name Damage Range Capacity Rate of Fire/Attack Specialty/Notes
Assault Rifle Low-Medium Medium-Long 40/80 High Accurate, fast firing automatic rifle.
Enforcer Low-Medium Medium-Long Moderate Medium rate of fire automatic rifle that fires finned, heat-seeking projectiles.
Gauss Rifle Medium-High Medium-Long 18/72 Moderate High velocity projectile knocks back infantry, tips over vehicles, and can penetrate light walls.
Gauss Turret High Medium-Long Moderate Mounted weapon with infinite ammunition, can temporarily overheat with long sustained fire.
Heavy Machinegun Turret Moderate Medium-Long High Mounted weapon with infinite ammunition, can temporarily overheat with long sustained fire.
Peacekeeper Medium Short 12/60 Moderate Close range, fully automatic shotgun.
Pistol Low Medium Low Compact, semi-automatic medium range sidearm.
Rail Driver Very High Very Long Low-Moderate Long-range X-Ray scope; projectiles pass through structures and vehicle hulls.
Riot Shield N/A N/A N/A N/A Protects against explosives and projectiles. Cannot be used by the player.
Singularity Bombs Very High Short N/A - Placed After a short timed fuse, creates a powerful miniature black hole that sucks in all nearby matter before exploding.
Sniper Rifle High Long Moderate Long range, high caliber semi-auto rifle equipped with a high powered scope.
Subverter¹ Low Short 24/120 High Compact, fully automatic sidearm.
¹ Only Available with DLC (Downloadable Content).

Marauder WeaponsEdit

Name Damage Range Capacity Rate of Fire/Attack Specialty/Notes
Gutter Very High Short N/A - Melee Low One-hit kill on Infantry.
Harpoon Turret Moderate-High Medium-Long Moderate-High Mounted weapon with infinite ammunition.
Marauder Remote Charge¹ High Short 12/50 N/A - Placed Detonated manually; larger carrying capacity than Red Faction variant.
Missile Pod¹ High Low-Medium 9/54 Moderate-High Triple-barreled rocket launcher efficient as a medium-range artillery piece and short-range anti-vehicle weapon. Attached bayonet does high bash damage to infantry.
Impaler¹ High Short N/A - Melee Low Does very high damage to buildings.
Pickaxe¹ High Very Short N/A - Melee Low Does moderate damage to buildings.
Shotgun High Low Moderate-High Attached bayonet does high bash damage to infantry.
Skulldigger¹ High Very Short N/A - Melee Low Does high damage to buildings.
¹ Only Available with DLC (Downloadable Content).
Weapons in Red Faction: Guerrilla
Guerrilla Arc WelderGrinderNano RifleProximity MineRemote Mining ChargeRocket LauncherSledgehammerThermobaric Rocket LauncherReconstructor
Earth Defense Force Assault RifleGauss RiflePeacekeeperPistolRail DriverSingularity BombSniper RifleSubverterEnforcerRiot Shield
Marauder GutterShotgunSpikerMissile PodImpalerSkulldigger
Stationary weaponry Gauss TurretHeavy Machine Gun TurretHarpoon TurretRocket Turret

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