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  • Stoudemire18

    To all the people if you already knew that the franchise have be revived by Nordic Games. However, that is not enough, I want you guys to do something. But a simple one, spread this Facebook Link of Community to all the Global. So that we wanted to continuing the series without any waiting. Help me to spread it.

    Here is the Link:


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  • Stoudemire18

    Hey, I knew you all guys probably still wondering wanted for the Red Faction 5 to be announcement. But before that happened here is something that you can write for the opinion and sharing the ideas for the next installment to be go even though have to wait 7 or more then that. Here it is where you can write anything that you wanted for the future.

    Thank you and happy new years, if can you can creating a Facebook for the community for everyone and a save red faction. It will be the possible for the franchise to be revived.

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