Darius Mason: "Say what are you anyways?"

Mr.toots: (Stares at him)

Darius Mason: "I said who are you?"

Mr.toots: "Your Mom!"

Darius Mason: "Seriously I'm Being Taunted by a Pony"

Mr.toots: "You Pony me Mason"

Darius Mason: "Okay one i'm mason and two (reads the side of mr.toots) Mr.toots I got a Gun"

Mr.toots: "No You pony me mason i got gun and i will shoot you"

Darius Mason: "Oh really, try to shoot me then?"

Mr.toots: (Hits Darius With Super Fart beam)

S.A.M: "Darius i detected a Strong Energy inside this Life form, it maybe best to pull out a Close quarters weapon before it has a chance to Exhale Gas again"

Darius: "So your saying that i Should use the Maul"

S.A.M: "Precisely"

Darius: "okay then...Die you Motherfucker!! (Runs at Mr.toots with the Maul)

Mr.Toots: "nyan nyan (Uses super Fart but his head was bashed in) (fart)

Darius: "That was annoying and where did it come from Sam?"

S.A.M: "Unknown it says it comes from a land of magic and wonder"

Darius:"Great now i just killed my First weird Pony...This world is Crazy"

The end

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