Ultor Mining Complex

Alec Mason inside the Abandoned Mining Complex.

Location Badlands, Tharsis, Mars

The Ultor Mining Complex is a location in Red Faction: Guerilla. It is a disused mining complex previously controlled by the Ultor Corporation and located in the Badlands. It was used by Capek to study the Plague. The facility known as Capek's Inner Sanctum is in a state of disrepair after the First Martian Revolution; the Marauders, descendants of Ultor employees, kept the Nano Forge hidden here to try and stop the EDF from obtaining Nanotechnology. One mission in Red Faction: Guerilla has Alec Mason investigate the facility, ultimately recovering the Nano Forge. It eventually became a key to turn tide of the Second Martian Revolution during the final battle with the Earth Defence Force.


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