Thermobaric Rocket Launcher
Faction Red Faction
Type Nuke Launcher
Location upgrade table after FFZ
Power High
Range High
Rate of Fire Low
Special Very large explosion, can detonate rockets mid-air
Melee heavy weapon thrust

Developed by the underground Red Faction members, the Thermobaric Rocket Launcher is the most destructive home-made weapon created to date. It has the blast radius of a small car bomb, and gives for a huge cloud of highly flammable vapor. Unlike the normal Rocket Launcher, this weapon can only hold one rocket at a time.

Instead of letting the rocket impact an object or surface, the user can also detonate the rocket while it is in mid-air, allowing for more accurate attacks on tall buildings, vehicles, and humanoids.


Trivia Edit

  • if fired at the ground in the irradiated zone or an abandoned building, the resulting dust cloud's general shape will vaguely resemble a mushroom cloud. this might be a reference to the Fatman from fallout 3.
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