The Dogs Of War
Appearance Red Faction: Guerrilla
Previous Death By Committee
Next Hammer Of The Gods
Location Eos
Date 2125

The Dogs Of War is a mission in Red Faction: Guerrilla located in Eos sector of Tharsis, where Mason must save the people of Eos from EDF snipers as they locked down the sector only for people to give out the Red Faction sympathizers.

Briefing Edit

Hugo Davies: Our support in Eos is growing and that makes the enemy desperate. The EDF has declared an emergency lock down, with orders to shoot anyone on the street. It's a virtual siege-- no food, water or medical supplies until residents give out Red Faction sympathizers in Eos. EDF snipers have already killed dozen people. Your job is to end this atrocity. Get in there and clear those snipers out. Let's show the people of Eos the Red Faction fights for them.

Walkthrough Edit

Make your way to the residential quarter of Eos. There will be eight snipers on the buildings rooftops. An easier way to end the mission fast is by killing them with a Thermobaric Rocket Launcher (if equipped) for a killing spree because the mission drains the Red Faction morale fast.

However if you don't have this weapon, get yourself a Sniper Rifle as well and get a good vantage point from cliff edges near the buildings and take them out one by one without facing the EDF soldiers on the ground. It takes two shots to kill an EDF Heavy sniper so conserve your shots. With all eight snipers killed, the mission will be complete.

Dialogue Edit

En Route To The Residential Quarter

  • RF Commander: The snipers are operating at the Eos residential quarter. We've confirmed at least five gunmen... possibly more.
  • RF Commander: The situation is critical, Mason. Two more people have been shot. Find those snipers and stop them! The snipers just killed another worker. This is cold-blooded murder. We've got to put a stop to this.
  • RF Commander: To find a sniper, you gotta think like one. Search the rooftops. Clear all the windows. Check any place that would give them a good vantage point.

First Sniper Killed

  • Mason: One sniper down.

Third Sniper Killed

  • Mason: Just killed the son of a bitch.
  • RF Commander: You've got their attention. The EDF are closing in.

Fourth Sniper Killed

  • Mason: Got him. That's four.

Seventh Sniper Killed

  • Mason: Sniper neutralized.

Last Sniper Killed

  • Mason: That's the last one. All clear. When do we launch the offensive?
  • RF Commander: Sooner than you think. Be ready for it.

Outcome Edit

  • Alec Mason saved the city from an atrocity made by the EDF, killing all the snipers that were bullet storming the residential quarter. The people of Eos are rescued and the Red Faction morale rises up high.

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