Start Your Engines
Appearance Red Faction: Guerilla
Previous Ambush
Next Rallying Point
Location Parker
Date 2125

Start Your Engines is the third liberation mission in Red Faction: Guerrilla where Alec creates a diversion for the EDF while the Red Faction moves into Dust sector, liberating Parker.


Hugo Davies: Thanks to you, we're ready to make our move into Dust. This is going to be tricky. Mason, we need to create a diversion. There's an EDF sensor field east of Parker. Take out these towers so the enemy can't track our movement. Every soldier in the sector will be on your ass. Keep them busy until we get our people through.

Walkthrough Edit

All you have to do is stay inside the truck and run over the EDF sensors in the same way you take out the propaganda signs. The EDF will chase you down the road as you advance through the carnage however if your truck is nearly destroyed do whatever it takes to survive. If it explodes, find another vehicle to drive through the sensors and avoid from getting ran over by the EDF. With all sensors destroyed , the mission will be complete and all the EDF vehicles that were chasing you will disappear.


Entering The Vehicle

  • RF Commander: Convoys are ready to roll, begin your attack. Mason--stay inside the truck if you want to survive! We reinforced it with armor.

First Sensor Destroyed

  • Mason: The first sensor is down!
  • RF Commander: Good, you've got the EDF's attention.
  • Mason: I'm getting whipped out here!
  • RF Commander: Our convoys are moving as fast as they can.

Third Sensor Destroyed

  • Mason: That's the third one.
  • RF Commander: You're doing great, Mason. Keep it up.
  • Mason: More EDF incoming!
  • RF Commander: Just give our convoys time to reach Dust.
  • RF Commander: Don't let them destroy the truck.
  • Mason: That wasn't my plan!
  • RF Commander: The first convoy is rolling into Dust. Wipe out the rest of the sensors so they can't track us.
  • RF Commander: We're almost there. Keep the EDF busy a little while longer.

Vehicle Nearly Destroyed

  • Mason: This piece of junk's falling apart!
  • RF Commander: Truck or no truck, get the job done!

Last Sensor Remaining

  • RF Commander: All convoys are clear. Now get that last one and come on home.

Sector Liberated Briefing Edit

Samanya: Well done, Mason. We've managed to push the EDF out of Parker. But our job isn't finished. The EDF still controls most of the populated areas. We'll need your help to drive them out. The Commander wants us to focus on Dust next. If the EDF loses the sector, they'll lose their main source of income on Mars. Good luck.


  • The sensors in the Parker sector are destroyed by the Red Faction, allowing them to settle in the Dust sector. The EDF are driven out of Parker, liberating it from their influence.

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