Military Heavy Armored Tank
Faction Commonwealth
Red Faction
Type Tank
Purpose Armor Support
Location Earth

The Military Heavy Armored Tank is a large battle tank used by the Commonwealth during the Commonwealth Civil War.

The Tank is a very large and heavily armored tank with a heavy cannon and a mounted LMG. Red Faction members Shrike and Alias hijacked one of these Tanks and used it to launch an assault on Sopot's Citadel and gain entrance to the compound.


These Depleted uranium-armored tanks run on titanium-plated trends and are heavily fortified vehicles. What they lack in speed they make up with firepower. A SOP-6AC Chain-Gun serves as the primary weapon, and can discharge the armor-piercing 20mm rounds. The alternate means of fire, the forward mounted SOP-80mm Mortar weapon, launches shells that can explode on impact. These highly explosive mortar rounds are capable taking our large sections of buildings with their blasts.