Born Earth
Died Tharsis, Mars
Affiliation New Verona
Appears in Red Faction: Guerrilla (Radio Tags)

Shaundi is a colonist in New Verona. Before she dies, she leaves a radio tag, asking why the pain of death is more tolerable than the shame of living and why they could face a vast unknown when they could not even look their families in the eye.

Her radio tag is found in the Irradiated Zone, next to Ripley Cline.



Shaundi's Radio Tag.

  • Shaundi is a character from Volition's Saints Row series. In that game, she is a lieutenant for the 3rd Street Saints, the primary gang.
  • In Shaundi's radio tag, sirens can be heard in the background.
  • Shaundi's picture matches the depiction as shown in Saints Row 2, or as Young Shaundi in Saints Row IV.


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