Severus-Class Dreadnaught
Faction Earth Defense Force

White Faction

Capacity 200,000 personnel

The Severus-Class Dreadnaught was a model of inter-planetary capital ship with extremely powerful weapons capabilities which was designed by Admiral Lucius Kobel of the Earth Defense Force. It first entered service with the EDF with the E.D.S. Hydra, which met an explosive end when it was sent to reinforce the Martian colony.

Production HistoryEdit


EDS Hydra-

a side profile.

The first Dreadnought of this class was the E.D.S. Hydra, built in an orbital dockyard around Earth and first tested against the rebel group, RSPK, annihilating their Central Asian stronghold with a great barrage before vaporising any survivors from space.

The Hydra would later be redeployed to Mars, with Kobel at the helm, to deal with the dual and severe threats posed to EDF control on the planet by the Red Faction insurgency and Marauder nation. The unthinkable happened and this was not to be. The Hydra was destroyed having barely entered orbit, all 200,000 EDF personel on board dying, when the Marauders and Red Faction joined forces to launch a stolen EDF RM-8 missile infused with nanites at the ship.

The ship's destruction marked the end of the Second Martian Revolution, the end of Earth Defense Force control on Mars and heralded the new colonist state.

The remaining hulk of the Hydra would make planetfall 25 years later, crashing into neutral space and escalating tensions between the Marauder and Red Faction nations. It also bought the last vital component that would be needed by Stroller's White Faction to finish their own dreadnought.

White Faction DreadnoughtEdit

The White Faction was an Earth Defense Force remnant stuck on Mars and sometime within the quarter-century after their defeat at the Battle of Mount Vogel, they began the construction of a second Severus-Class Dreadnought.

In the following White Faction Crisis this would be used against the Red Faction state in the sector of Eos.

It is likely that this Deadnought was far less powerful than the Hydra as the White Faction did not have the same amount of resources as the EDF did, this is further evident when the Dreadnought's forward Battery of Gauss cannons only did respectable amounts of damage to a city, whilst the Hydra was capable of annihilating the entire surface of Mars.

It was destroyed after Alec Mason sacrifice himself by kamikaze it shuttle with the nuclear meltdown to destroy the whole ship. Thus, ending the war with the White faction.

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