Rocket Launcher
RFG rocketlauncher
Faction Red Faction


Type Anti-Vehicle Destructor
Power High
Range High
Rate of Fire Medium
Special Iron Sight
Clip/Ammo 3/3 base
3/6 upgraded
Fire Primary: Rocket
Secondary: Ram

Rocket Launcher is a Rocket Propelled Grenade used by Red Faction Guerilla personal own weapon.


This is the portable version of the Red Faction's lethal Rocket Turret, which fires unguided rocket-propelled grenades. It can be upgraded to hold 3 rockets at a time and to track certain targets. This is an excellent weapon for dealing with EDF Scouts and EDF Staff Cars. Once upgraded, the heat-seeking rockets are also a great choice for dealing with EDF Aircraft.


  • As with the other Red Faction weapons, Guerrillas only use the Sledgehammer and EDF weapons, despite creating them.
  • Make sure to compensate at long range, because the rockets will arc downward slightly.
  • Three rockets are good for taking out tanks.

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