Red Faction Assault Rifle
Faction Red Faction
Type Battle Rifle
Location Mars

The Red Faction Assault Rifle is a weapon created by the Red Faction, originally based on the blueprints of the EDF Assault Rifle, though its stocky, tri-barreled design bares little resemblance after much tinkering over the years.

It fires high velocity rounds out of a 36-shot-magazine. When upgraded with extended magazines, it fires 45 Shots. Darius can carry 180 bullets or five magazines in total. It fits a Red-Dot style Sight. It also has a very low recoil which making it a good medium-long range weapon.


  • This seems to be Darius Mason's signature weapon and is present in most cutscenes, except a few where he wields the Magnet Gun instead.
  • When Red Faction: Armageddon is beaten for the first time around, the L.E.O. Machine Gun can be unlocked for 6,000 salvage with the R.F. Assault Rifle skin.