Rallying Point
Appearance Red Faction: Guerrilla
Previous Start Your Engines
Next Industrial Revolution
Location Dust
Date 2125

Rallying Point is a Dust mission in Red Faction: Guerrilla, where Alec Mason is asked to rescue workers from a peaceful demonstration when Captain Gunnarsen tries killing the dissent.


Hugo Davies: The miners of Dust are staging a rally at this site. They expect a peaceful demonstration, but the EDF has other plans. Captain Halvar Gunnarsen is in command here. His unit killed 300 settlers in chryse. So expect deadly force. Stop Gunnarsen and get those workers out alive. If we fight for them, they'll fight for us.


Drive to the rally, which is somewhere at the bottom of the mining pit. You'll arrive at the time the EDF soldiers engage the miners - and will need to eliminate all the soldiers. Although technically fast, it's not recommended to destroy the vehicle - it's better to simply shoot the gunner in them, and keep the weaponized vehicle for later use in the mission.

After the miners are rescued, you need to destroy the four PA speakers broadcasting in the pit. They may be destroyed by placing a detpack underneath the building supporting them, or with rockets concentrated on the PA. There are four PA systems to destroy, in a circular pattern in the pit.

When all four PAs are destroyed, find a vehicle and head towards Gunnarsen. There are a few EDF soldiers in wait just outside the region he's exiting from. He may be killed by throwing a few detpacks onto his vehicle as he flees, and should he disembark, is about as strong as any other EDF soldier.


  • RF Commander: The rally's about to start. The coordinates are on your map.
  • RF Commander: Gunnarsen's Company is rolling in. We're running out of time.
  • Mason: I'm on my way.
  • RF Commander: EDF Soldiers have opened fire! They're shooting the miners!
  • Mason: Almost there!

After Killing the EDF Soldiers

  • RF Commander: Gunnarsen's using the PA system to lure miners to the site. You need to destroy those speakers, Mason.
  • RF Commander: What's your status? We're hearing reports of casualties.
  • Mason: Three speakers down.

All Speakers Destroyed

  • Mason: The speakers are down. That'll shut the bastard up.
  • RF Commander: Good work--but don't let Gunnarsen escape!

Gunnarsen's Death Aftermath

  • Mason: Gunnarsen is dead.
  • RF Commander: Well done. These workers have learned an important lesson today. The Red Faction is here to fight for them. Together we'll drive these butchers off our planet.

Outcome Edit

  • With all speakers destroyed of the mining site and Gunnarsen being killed by Mason, the miners of Dust have been rescued from a deadly demonstration rather than a peaceful protest.

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