Raid on the Oasis Safehouse
Sides Earth Defence Force

Red Faction

Location Oasis, Tharsis, Mars
Forces Red Faction

-Mason's Guerrillas
-EDF Motorised Infantry
-EDF Flyers

Outcome EDF Assault Repelled. Safehouse secure.

"An EDF patrol recently located a small Red Faction encampment in the hills of Oasis. Six guerrillas were killed in the subsequent raid." -Voice of Mars

During the Battle for Oasis in the Second Martian Revolution, a major Earth Defence Force raid is staged against the Red Faction safehouse in Oasis. The force that the EDF muster for the assault consists mostly of Armoured Personnel Carriers with Gunship support.

The attack is defeated by the safehouse's garrison. Alec Mason and Jon Kepler are present at the battle.

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