PIB is probably an office and broadcasting studio which reporters and Sopot address the public through media. PIB consists of hallways,corridors, offices, control room, camera room, broadcasting studios and a helipad. In campaign, you will be introduced to your squad. Which they will help you. Tangier will guide you through part of building, Quill provides sniper support, Repta provides heavy cover, Molov briefs and fights alongside with you. Shrike will appear in his gunship to pick you up. However on the rainy rooftop of PIB, you will no longer be assisted by your squad. The rooftop part in the level is the hardest as unlike other parts, you will face elite guards. You will also need night vision on the rooftop to see better. Near the end you enter a room which leads to the helipad where Sopot gunship will attack you. Over there you can find a hidden WASP to help fight the gunship.

In multi-player the PIB Map is smaller and different than the campaign one.

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