EDF Omega Legion Soldier

The Omega Legion is an elite unit within the EDF. They can be easily recognized by their distinctive heavy white armor.

Omega Legionnaires are tougher then the average EDF trooper and are equipped with advanced weaponry like Gauss Rifles or Rail Drivers. Unlike other EDF troops, they will take two blows of the Sledgehammer to kill. They are concentrated in Eos, and after the first encounter they will be part of the EDF's standard response forces when a red alert is triggered.


  • A single Omega Legionnaire can be spotted in the "Catch and Release" Badlands story mission, as a bodyguard to EDF Commander Joseph Broga, guarding the officer's Staff Car (along with several other ordinary EDF troopers) while it the car is stopped at a refueling station.
  • There are also 2 of them guarding Captain Saul Marius in the Mariner Valley of the DLC Demons of the Badlands.
  • In the ending cinematic for Red Faction Guerrilla Admiral Kobel states that Omega Legionnaires were standing by for deployment when requesting coordinates for drop zones. They were almost certainly killed when the E.D.S. Hydra was destroyed.

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