Nano Rifle
06 (1)
Faction Ultor Corporation, Red Faction
Type Special Rifle
Power High
Range High
Rate of Fire Medium (Semi-auto)
Special Disintegrates target's hitpoints rapidly for a few seconds.
Clip/Ammo 5/15 (25 upon upgrade)

The Nano Rifle, created by the Nano Forge will disintegrate solid matter, like a wall, in seconds. This is an excellent weapon for taking down EDF Gunships, as they will start to disintegrate in seconds after being hit by a cloud of nanites.

Any enemy infantry hit by this rifle can usually be vapourised in 1-2 hits, although this may be an expensive if not last-resort.

They also work well in precise demolition work. Capable of distintegrating the support struts of bridges before Mason can gain access to heavier duty weaponry.

There are two upgrades for the Nano Rifle, an ammo boost, giving the user 15 extra shots, and the Nanite Enhancer, giving the Rifle more power. Both are very useful and make it a much more formidable and useful weapon.


  • It is the only Ultor Corporation weapon in the game.
  • Despite being created by the Red Faction, it is made out of Ultor Corporation Tech. No Guerrillas use it, as Samanya placed a DNA lock so only she and Alec Mason could use it along with the other Red Faction weapons (except the Sledgehammer and its advanced counterparts).
  • Despite the Nano Forge as its magazine. It still had to be 'restocked' from Supply Crates and Safehouses.


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