The Mohole

The Mohole is a big hole in the southern Badlands. Mohole is originally used by the Ultor Corporation to extract massive quantities of resources from Mars. There's wreckage along the edge of the hole, which may be the colony of Redemption III, as many radio tags in the area have this name printed on them. By 2125, Parker is living in a shack located next to the Mohole.


  • It may be named after Project Mohole, a real life project involving an attempt to drill into the Earth's crust to reach the mantle.
  • Partially related to Project Mohole, the term is also found in the Mars Trilogy books by Kim Stanley Robinson and the concept is much closer to what is encountered in the game.
  • The name Mohole "is a portmanteau of "hole" and "Moho", the shortened name of the Mohorovičić discontinuity, being the frontier between the Earth's crust and the mantle". The purpose in each context is different however: Project Mohole's goal was to reach this boundary via drilling on the ocean floor for the purpose of scientific research, whereas Moholes in the Mars Trillogy were much larger and used in the terraforming of Mars.

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