Died 2175
Underground Tharsis, Mars
Appears in Red Faction: Armageddon
Voiced by Liam O'Brien

McMohan is the tertiary antagonist in Red Faction: Armageddon and a resident of Bastion before and when the Plague Armageddon arose. McMohan seems to hate Red Faction and Darius Mason for failing to stop the terraformer from being destroyed by the Cultists.

At one point, McMohan harasses a marauder named Kara, only to be driven off by Darius, who uses an Arc Welder to shock him.

After Darius arrives to Bastion, McMohan rallies the survivors into thinking the Red Faction are turning against them despite the costs the Red Faction have suffered from The Plague. When Darius returns to Bastion again, McMohan's rally turns against him after several of the survivors convict him of starting the crisis. Though they chase him, the rally comes across the Plague, killing several of them.

McMohan catches up with Darius and attempts to kill him. However, he is killed by a Berserker after the alien runs at him and explodes itself, blowing him to pieces.

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