Born Earth
Died 2075
Tharsis, Mars
Affiliation Ultor Corporation
Appears in Red Faction
Voiced by Ilyssa Fradin

Colonel Masako is the main antagonist of Red Faction and the leader of the Mercenary Regiment loyal to the Ultor Corporation during the First Martian Revolution.



Theres not much known about her and her Mercenary Unit outside of her being the leader and being under Ultor's paycheck, its speculated that she kills the original leader to take his/her place and appears to enjoy killing as she kills both Red Faction members and Ultor guards and personel (offscreen) just because she wants to do so.

The First Martian RevolutionEdit

After Ultor becomes heavily weakened because of the actions of the Red Faction member called Parker, they call their secret weapon, a ruthless and powerful Mercenary Unit led by a woman only known as Masako, Her unit is ordered to destroy any evidence that could jeopardise Ultor's control on Mars and so, her unit kills hundreds of Ultor personel and Red Faction members and destroys several Ultor facilities. 

She has little respect for Axel Capek presuming from where she gains also the Nanotech shield for herself, the Martian Ultor Administration, or the Ultor Security Forces, and is more than happy to let them all die at the hands of the Red Faction.

She either kills or orders the killing of Hendrix by means of an explosive device and captures the leader of the Red Faction only known as Eos.


After her unit is weakened, she attempts to destroy Ultor's main complex with a bomb to eliminate any loose ends (Evidence and the Red Faction) and bait Parker into fighting her personally, in the end, she is killed by him and her bomb is deactivated. 


  • In Saints Row 2, the private millitary unit working for Ultor is called the Masako Unit, this is clearly a reference to Red Faction (game) as the second enemies the player fights against in the game are Mercenaries under Ultor's paycheck.
  • Her weapon of preference is the Precision Rifle.
  • Her artwork depicts her as an Asian, probably Japanese woman.