Free Fire Zone Push
Sides Earth Defense Force

Red Faction

Location Free Fire Zone, Tharsis, Mars
Outcome Decisive Red Faction Victory
  • Earth Defense Force fortfield destroyed
  • Road from Parker to Eos is open.
  • Battle of Eos Begin.

The Fall of the Free Fire Zone was a Red Faction action aimed at penetrating through the Earth Defense Force artillery net that was the Free Fire Zone and put said artillery out of action, thus opening up the way into their capital sector of Eos. The success of this action allowed the commencing of the Battle of Eos to the north and was a major blow to the EDF.

The Red Faction under Hugo Davies had been planning the action for a long time and it was mostly facilitated by the capture and interogation of Colonel Joseph Broga during the Battle of The Badlands. The attack unearthed detailed information on blind spots in the guns coverage which allowed the insurgents to attempt the operation.

It was far from bloodless, with many casaulties whilst trying to cross the artillery range and many casualties amongst the EDF in the artillery base when the Red Faction reached it.

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