Rail Driver
RFG raildriver
Faction Earth Defence Force
Type Specialized Sniper Rifle
Location Dropped by EDF after Eos/FFZ
Power High
Range High
Rate of Fire Medium-low
Special X-ray scope, slugs pass through walls

The Rail Driver is a highly specialized weapon issued to the servicemen of the Earth Defence Force around the time of the Second Martian Revolution. Adapted from the older FCA-26 Rail Driver used to great effect by the Mercenary Regiment loyal to the Ultor Corporation during the course of the First Martian Revolution, it is unsurprising that the EDF would have adopted it.

The Rail Driver shoots ultra-high velocity depleted uranium slugs that appear like blue beams of light and can penetrate almost anything including vehicles and structures, effectively making cover irrelevant to the wielder and turning vehicles into death traps thanks to its powerful x-ray scope.



If one studies the Rail Driver and the spiker they will notice many similarities.

The Marauder Spiker  appears to be a modified Rail Driver, the dual cylinders can be seen on the spiker as can the muzzle, barrel, and the front site post.


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