EDF Peacekeeper
RFG peacekeeper
Faction Earth Defence Force
Type Shotgun
Power Low/High
Range Low
Rate of Fire Medium
Special Fully Automatic
Clip/Ammo 12/60

The EDF Peacekeeper is an automatic combat shotgun which is issued to troops in the service of the Earth Defence Force around the time of the Second Martian Revolution and originally used primarily for crowd control. It is also often scavenged and used by both Marauders and the Red Faction insurgency during the conflict.


The EDF Peacekeeper is highly effective in a close quarters scenario, easily besting anyone using an Assault Rile or Pistol. While it's pellets are capable of hitting multiple opponents from one shell the damage is too low to kill them. At any distance further than a few meters the damage this weapon can deal is drastically reduced and anything at range is not going to be hit by this weapon. It is best used alongside some form of assault rifle or sniper rifle as a back-up weapon incase the EDF forces get too close.


Earth Defence Force Weapons
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