EDF Heavy Machinegun
HMG materialPOST
Faction Earth Defence Force
Type Machine Gun
Location Mars

The EDF Heavy Machine Gun is mounted weapon used by the Earth Defense Force throughout the Second Martian Revolution. It is the standard weapon mount for most EDF vehicles including Scout Cars, Staff Cars, APCs, Heavy Trucks, Medium Tanks, Self-Propelled Artillery and Heavy Tanks as well as being commonly installed in defensive positions such as bunkers.

A more compact version is also adopted by the Red Faction and the Marauders as weapon mounts when converting civilian vehicles to military uses.

One of the EDF Memorial Statues in Eos shows this weapon carried instead of an Assault Rifle by one of the Troopers, implying that it is meant to be used as a Support weapon such as a Modern SAW, not just as a Mounted Weapon.

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