EDF Elite copy

EDF Elite with peacekeeper.

EDF Elites are the fourth toughest EDF Soldier, in which Alec Mason fights. They also appear in almost all sectors, except Dust and Parker. They seem to be very common in Eos. They can be identified by their brown armor with large left shoulder pad. They can use shields, Peacekeepers, Gauss Rifles, Enforcers and grenades.

They can take 1 or 2 hits from a Sledgehammer and about 15 hits from an Assault Rifle to kill.



  • Even while driving in an EDF vehicle, some elites still have their shields.
  • If shocked by an Arc Welder, they drop their shields.
  • It is possible that Elite's are either more highly-trained soldiers of the EDF or higher ranks, such as Lieutenants and Captains.