EDF Bomber
EDF BomberThe EDF Bomber, ready for launch bombs
Faction Earth Defence Force
Purpose Strategic Air Support
Location Tharsis, Mars

The EDF Bomber is a heavy aircraft used by the Earth Defence Force in the Second Martian Revolution. Its only recorded use is during the Raid on the Badlands Safehouse. The craft is obviously equipped with bombs, and is unknown if the aircraft has VTOL capabilities. Unlike the AAX Raven, no close inspection is confirmed (the AAX Raven can be viewed in "Air Traffic Control").

The Bomber looks large at sides and looks rounded in some shapes, and the wings are "curved" and plain.

Following the revolution, the aircraft is nowhere to been seen.


  • The Bomber resembles 21st century strategic bombers such as the B-2 Spirit and the X-47 Pegasus.
  • it is unknown if anyone is actually flying this during their appearance, this could be confirmed with a rail driver
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