The dust
Region Tharsis
Towns Town of Dust
Landmarks Dust Town Hall, Tharsis Point Wind-farm
Inhabitants Earth Defence Force (ousted)

Colonists / Red Faction

Industry Mining

Dust is located in Tharsis and is a dirty and rough environment. The sector contains the greatest concentration of ore on Mars. This makes Dust a key target of the EDF and Earth-based corporations. The AmRuKuo Company owns the mining operations and fuel refineries in the north, they also (because of their logo on all the private buildings) must be in control of construction around the sector. In the area is the Tharsis-point wind farm which generate power for the sector. In the east, at the border with The Badlands is the residential housing for the population. However, the town of Dust is destroyed by EDF Artillery housed at the Free Fire Zone.

Dust is one of the six regions contained within the Martian area of Tharsis, as well as being the location of the demo mission for Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Construction and Infrastructure Edit

The buildings in Dust are mostly a light brown, with yellow tinted windows (the colour of AmRuKuo). The roofs are all flat at the top, and some times slant a little before becoming flat. Some bigger building seem to be constructed entirely of metal, with arch support. All the buildings have a Tri-Star on them, the logo of AmRuKuo. The EDF has taken over some damaged homes in southern Dust, possibly because of Red Faction sympathisers living in the home. Wind Turbines owned by the EDF are also scattered throughout Dust, along with the EDF. The EDF also has taken he priority of highly guarding AmRuKuo Chemical Plant in southern Dust, and AmRukuo Mining & Refinery locations in northern Dust.

Later Existence Edit

After the fall of the Earth Defense Force, this area later appeared in Red Faction: Armageddon. With EDF Watchtowers occupied by the Cultists as well as abandoned structures left behind after the Second Martian Revolution. The Plague overwhelms the face of Dust region and near the Terraformer leaving without population but just only corpses and skeletons. Darius and Kara try to head back to the temple. Darius is arrested by the Red Faction and bought to their secret base, but is under attack by the Plague engaging the battle outside entrance of the sector.

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