"Well, Mason, guess you live up to your family name."

"Or down to it--wrecked up half of Mars in the process."

"Yeah, but you got the job done."

"We all did Frank. "

―- Frank Winters and Darius Mason, after the Plague's defeat.[src]

Darius Mason
Darius Mason
Affiliation Red Faction
Appears in Red Faction: Armageddon
Voiced by Armando Valdes-Kennedy

Darius Mason is the main protagonist of Red Faction: Armageddon, grandson of Alec Mason and Samanya, son of Jake Mason and also a friend of Kara.


Battle of the TerraformerEdit

Darius is a combat engineer for the Red Faction and is part of the assault team with Frank Winters to take back the Terraformer that keeps the atmosphere stable from Adam Hale and his Cultists who are planning to destroy it. The assault ends in a failure and results in the Terraformer's destruction which forces the colonists to move underground and make new colonies in the old mines. Feeling responsible for the Terraformer's destruction, Darius leaves the Red Faction and moves to Bastion to start doing mercenary work and mining jobs.

Plague ArmageddonEdit

In 2175, five years after the Terraformer's destruction, Darius accepts a mining job at Bradbury Canyon where he is tricked into removing a seal in an underground temple which releases aliens hibernating underneath Mars. Hale appears with Cultists and thanks Darius for doing the job for them and leaves him to die but not before mocking him saying that he will be remembered in their archives.

During the outbreak, which almost destroys all life on the planet, he fights through a horde of hostile aliens to make his way through the underground cave system. Darius brings an end to the horrors of the outbreak by killing the The Queen and repairing the Terraformer, which kills the aliens. Those aliens that aren't killed by the purified man-made atmosphere retreat deep underground.

Darius is aided by his A.I S.A.M, who is created by Samanya.


Darius may return in a future game as a mercenary lending his assistance in rebuilding cities on the surface or as a loner earning his living by traveling the underground cave and tunnel networks. It is possible that he will discover that Kara didn't die from the plague and he might set out to rescue her - perhaps believing her to be lost or held captive by some as of yet unknown foe.

Quotes Edit

  • "It's a Pyrrhic victory."
  • "Hey! This old Arc Welder still work? Guess so."
  • "Eh, you must be reading the Salvagers."
  • "S.A.M! I'm gonna melt you down for salvage!"
  • "Thanks for keeping the glass half full."
  • "Friendly bunch. Nowhere to go now, but up..."
  • "Take that, you big ugly bastard!"
  • "With all due respect, Colonel... You're an idiot."
  • "Shit, in that storm, can't even see my ass."
  • "What'd I miss?"
  • "This bastard's given this planet enough hell. One shot, and it's over."
  • "Oh, don't tell me he's still breathing..."
  • "Goddamn it, just tell me how to kill this thing!"



  • Darius Mason's outfit and goggles can be purchased as an Xbox Live avatar outfit and accessory. The outfit can be purchased for 320 MS points, while the goggles can be purchased for 80 MS points.


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