Curt MacReady
Affiliation Red Faction
Appears in Red Faction: Armageddon Machinima miniseries

Curt MacReady is a Red Faction lieutenant charged with the defense of Bastion during the coming of the plague and a comrade of Darius Mason. When Darius disappears he is among the first of the garrison in Bastion in encounter the Plague, and one of the few survivors.

A violent scuffle with some scavengers is ended when a Ravager joined the party unexpectedly. When reporting to the Red Faction barracks, his story is dismissed. Using one of Darius's Nano Forge devices he teams up with Sergeant Jones to deal with the problem.

Unfortunately the Red Faction barracks are overrun, and all Bastion quickly follows. MacReady groups up with a bunch of survivors and leads them to a nearby Marauder settlement.


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