Cultist War
Location Mars
Sides Cultists

Red Faction

Commanders Cultist:
Key Engagements Several unknown battle after the event of White Faction Crisis

Battle of the Terraformer

Outcome Cultist pyrrhic victory
  • The terraformer is destroyed, and the surface becomes uninhabitable.
  • The Plague Armageddon broke out five years later.

The Cultist War was a conflict between the Red Faction state and the Cultists approximately 25 years after the White Faction Crisis and around 50 years after Second Martian Revolution. It begins when remaining Earth Defence Force insurgents survive in small groups hidden in the Mountainous cave and await for chances to strike at the Marauders and Red Faction after their main forces have been shattered. Eventually, they successfully destroy the Mars terraformer making the surface of Mars uninhabitable and forcing the Red Faction and Marauder's alike to move underground in order to survive. This de facto ends the war for several years, until the outbreak of the Plague Armageddon.