Civilian Supercar
Faction Colonists
Type Supercar
Purpose Reckless Driving, Expeditious Getaway.
Location Tharsis, Mars
Weapons Nothing
Seats 2

The Civilian Supercar is a very low-slung, two-door, two-seat vehicle which prioritizes above all other concerns speed and acceleration. It is by far the fastest vehicle on Mars, able to outrun a Miner ATV. Its on-road performance is unmatched, but off-roading ability is hampered by its very weak chassis, low-slung body, short suspension legs and small, skinny tires, making it a hazard to itself and its driver if it is operated in rough terrain, easily able to launch itself significant heights and crash back to the ground, causing serious structural damage.

Nevertheless, if Alec Mason needs to travel quickly, or make a fast getaway with whatever is at hand, the Civilian Supercar is certainly an adequate choice.

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