Civilian SUV
CroppedCitySUVA civilian SUV on the side of the road in Oasis
Faction Colonists
Type Sport-Utility Vehicle
Purpose Personal Driving, Personal Transport
Location Tharsis, Mars
Weapons Nothing
Seats 4

The Civilian SUV is a lightweight Sport-Utility Vehicle found in Oasis and Eos. Unlike most city cars, its offroad handling is acceptable, though not comparable to the industrial Civilian Pick-up and other "miner" vehicles. It's reasonably quick and fast to accelerate, not entirely fragile, and not entirely terrible. However, it is never going to be the perfect choice for Alec Mason in any situation.

The Civilian SUV has four seats, but only two will be used by members of the Red Faction, as the limited number of doors prohibits rapid entry/egress from the vehicle. Presumably this limitation is perfectly acceptable in civilian life, as civilians making grocery runs are seldom called upon to bail out of their vehicles on a moment's notice.

A variant of the Civilian SUV exists, the Civilian Taxi, a Civilian SUV in taxicab livery, which can be found in the same locations.

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