Civilian Pick-up
Faction Colonists

Red Faction

Type Pick-up/Ute
Purpose Transport
Location Tharsis, Mars
Seats 4

The Civilian Pick-up, or Miner Flatbed, is a vehicle used commonly by colonists across Tharsis around the time of the Second Martian Revolution. The have a two-seat cab at the front and an open tray at the back which can seat an additional two people.

Another variant, the Civilian Panel Van, exists that is based off the same vehicle, its main differentiating feature being the hard-top roof over the rear segment. This brother of the pick-up is more versatile and is even utilized as an ambulance in the sector of Oasis.

Although a militarized version is used by the Red Faction during the revolution, a more intensively modified version later entered service with six wheels and a powerful rotating weapon mounted in the rear tray.

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