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Civilian Luxury Coupé
CroppedCityLuxuryCarA Luxury Coupé abandoned on the side of the road in Oasis.
Faction Colonists
Type Road car
Purpose Personal Driving
Location Tharsis, Mars
Weapons Nothing
Seats 2

The Civilian Luxury Coupé is a two-door, fixed-roof road-car with impressive on-road driving performance. It is occasionally found driving the streets of Oasis and Eos, with one or two occupants.

The Coupé is a fragile vehicle compared to the Miner ATV, its chief rival in on-road performance, it doesn't handle off-roading as well, seats two, and it has a low-slung profile. Although a risky choice, Alec Mason can use this vehicle to make a very speedy getaway from a House Arrest mission with one rescuee, or simply for rapid travel around Tharsis.

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