Appearance Red Faction: Guerrilla
Previous Access Denied
Next The Guns Of Tharsis
Location Oasis
Date 2125

Blitzkrieg is the liberation mission of Oasis sector in Red Faction: Guerrilla, where Mason must destroy the incoming EDF convoy of tanks as their main objective was to cover their withdrawal from the sector.

Briefing Edit

Hugo Davies: The EDF are pulling out of Oasis. To cover their withdrawal, they're sending in the tanks. Armored units are converging on your position, and they'll destroy anything in their path. Do whatever it takes to stop them, Mason. The people and facilities here are critical to our effort. If we lose Oasis, we lose the war.

Walkthrough Edit

The first EDF tank rolls in from the south-east side of Oasis from the Badlands, but before destroying it, get the Combat Walker located right by the gas station still in the same area where the tank enters Oasis. Using the walker will give you some advantage of fire power and cover against the other EDF forces as they're fighting with the Red Faction. However if you can't find the walker, you'll have to do in the old way by using explosives.

Once you destroy the first tank, another two tanks rolls in from the north. Use the walker to get there and destroy them. Then the EDF will launch a two-pronged attack from north and south, so use the same tactics and the mission will be complete after destroying all EDF tanks.

Dialogue Edit

  • Mason: I'm in position. Where the hell are those tanks?
  • RF Commander: We've sighted an armored unit moving in from the south. Intercept and destroy it.

First Tank Destroyed

  • Mason: Blew the lid off that sardine can.
  • RF Commander: A second tank's rolling in from the north.
  • RF Commander: Correction: Two tanks. Proceed with caution.

Second Tank Destroyed

  • Mason: Roasted alive. Hell of a way to die.

Third Tank Destroyed

  • Mason: Tanks are down. We're all clear.
  • RF Commander: Not so fast. The EDF is launching a two-pronged attack, north and south. They're closing in fast..

Last Tanks Destroyed

  • RF Commander: We did it, Mason! Oasis is free of EDF control!

Outcome Edit

  • Alec Mason liberated Oasis sector from the hands of EDF by destroying their armored tanks as well as the other Red Faction forces managed to push the EDF troops out of their land resulting a success Blitzkrieg a.k.a. Lightning War.

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