Better Red Than Dead
Appearance Red Faction: Guerilla
Previous Welcome to Mars
Next Ambush
Location Parker
Date 2125

Better Red Than Dead is the first mission in Red Faction: Guerilla located in Parker sector where Alec must destroy the abandoned Red Faction base.


Hugo Davies: Mason, this is our former base of operations. We had to clear out before the EDF discovered it. Now we just need to cover our tracks. I know you're familiar with demolitions, so maybe you can help us out. We need that building destroyed. Blow up anything that the EDF could trace back to us. Think you can handle it?

Walkthrough Edit

Drive your way to the abandoned base located north of Parker, and destroy the base with explosives or shooting the gas barrels. You'll get the EDF's attention so take them out once you completely destroy the base. After that, return to safehouse and you're done.


Alec Mason Starts His Journey To The Abandoned Base

  • RF Commander: This will be a piece of cake. We're transmitting the base coordinates now.
  • Mason: Got it. I'm on my way, um...
  • RF Commander: Davies. Hugo Davies.
  • Mason: How'd you get caught up in this?
  • RF Commander: The mining conglomerates found a huge ore deposit underneath our colony and tried to foce us off the land. When we resisted, the EDF rolled in... It was a massacre.
  • Mason: I'm sorry.
  • RF Commander: I found refugees from other colonies, and our numbers grew. Your brother joined us soon after.
  • Mason: That was always Dan's problem... Couldn't run from a fight.
  • RF Commander: If there were more like him, we'd have a chance of winning this thing.
  • Mason: Maybe.

Arriving At The Base

  • Mason: Alright, I'm at the base.
  • RF Commander: Good. Use whatever you can to bring her down. We left some fuel tanks behind. You can shoot 'em or set charges to blow them up.

Detonating The First Charges

  • RF Commander: Dammit. Mason, an EDF unit is heading your way. I'd hurry up and finish the job.
  • Mason: You said this was going to be easy...
  • RF Commander: Mason, they're right on top of you! Take cover!
  • Mason: You said this was going to be easy!
  • RF Commander: More EDF are on the way. Get back to the safehouse.

Returning To The Safehouse

  • RF Commander: Good work.
  • Mason: Yeah. I'm fine by the way.
  • RF Commander: You've done your brother proud.
  • Mason: He had the same definition of easy as you...


  • Alec Mason becomes a member of the Red Faction. Their former base of operations is destroyed, along with all the evidence that could endanger the Faction.

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