Battle of The Badlands
Sides Faction:
Leaders EDF:

General Bertram Roth
Red Faction:
Commander Hugo Davies, Alec Mason

Location The Badlands, Tharsis, Mars
Outcome Earth Defence Force pushed out.

The Battle of the Badlands is a sustained long-running campaign centring on the wastelands between Dust and Oasis know as "the Badlands." It takes place during the Second Martian Revolution, and is initiated by the desire of both the Red Faction and the Marauder state, though they are not allied within the duration of the battle, to kick the Earth Defence Force out of the sector.

In its strictest sense the Battle for the Badlands is confined merely to the time between the Red Faction's entry into the sector to the EDF losing control and being expelled, however, a broader definition will probably encompass the additional earlier actions between the Marauders and EDF including the Battle of Mariner Valley. It can also be argued that the later Raid on the Badlands Safehouse by the EDF is part of this conflict because, although they have been pushed out of the sector, the engagement still falls within the parameters of the overall conflict and takes place within the sector.

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