Battle of Mount Vogel
Sides Earth Defence Force

Red Faction

Leaders EDF Leaders

Marauder-Red Faction Leaders

Location Mount Vogel, Tharsis, Mars
Outcome Decisive Marauder/Red Faction Victory. EDF routed. Hydra destroyed.

The Battle of Mount Vogel is an engagement towards the end of the Second Martian Revolution and perhaps the climax of the entire conflict. It is a crushing defeat for the Earth Defence Force against the combined forces of the Marauders and Red Faction which finally ends their domination on Mars. The hinging factor in the fight is the coming arrival of the E.D.S. Hydra in Martian orbit, the most sophisticated and deadly war platform conceived to that date, forcing the forces allied against the EDF to strike quickly to execute their plan.

They themselves, however, have some deadly technology of their own in the Nano Forge - a remnant piece of nanotechnology created by Axel Capek and left over from the fall of the Ultor Corporation. Originally safeguarded by the Marauders, the device have fallen into Red Faction hands before the Battle of the Badlands have truly begun and before they are forced in their uneasy alliance. The Nano Forge is formidable, but both sides have barely tapped its potential by such a time and they barely got it working for their purposes at the eleventh hour - still barely tapping its potential.


Trivia Edit

Mount Vogel is possibly named after Dane Vogel, the CEO of the Ultor Corporation in Saints Row 2.