EDF Armor Labs Sting
Sides Red Faction

Earth Defense Force

Leaders RF
Location Parker, Tharsis, Mars
Outcome EDF Benefit.

The EDF Armor Labs Sting was an elaborate extended operation undertaken by the Earth Defense Force during the early Battle for Parker in the Second Martian Revolution.


The events of the sting followed thus.


It began with an EDF Raid on the small glass-making settlement of Vetro, which was the diguised as a Marauder attack. After the village was cleared out they planted an operative posing as a survivor in the furnace. Calling himself 'Leo', he was found by Tyrell and Daniel Mason and taken in by the Red Faction.

The Red Faction were fed the line from other sources that the EDF were developing a new battle armour which used the silica compound in the sand on the site. The EDF then erected a large compound on the site of the destroyed village about two weeks later.

When Dan Mason's demolition crew decided to hit the facility they found it empty. Leo turned on them, killing Tyrell before being take down Samanya with a boby-trapped Pick-up. He failed and she killed him when his attention was focused elsewhere.


Unfortunately the damage was done and the Red Faction had to abandon their old base and scatter. They regrouped a month later at the new safehouse on the otherside of the Parker settlement. With Tyrell dead and Dan Mason to die a day afterward, tracked down by an EDF Flyer, the insurgency was left in severe shortage of demolition expertise.

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