Appearance Red Faction: Guerilla
Previous Better Red Than Dead
Next Start Your Engines
Location Parker
Date 2125

Ambush is the second Parker sector mission in Red Faction: Guerilla where Mason has to defend Sam from EDF soldiers and the incoming EDF ambush.


Hugo Davies: We received word that a high-ranking EDF officer is looking to defect. Sam went out to meet with him. I know she can handle herself, but she shouldn't have gone alone. After what happened at the old base, I'm not taking chances. Get to Sam as soon as you can.

Walkthrough Edit

Get to Sam, as she's located south-east outside of Town of Parker. Some EDF soldiers will fire upon her and other guerrillas. Protect her and prepare for an EDF ambush. Two EDF Staff Cars will arrive at the ambush so get yourself armed with Remote Charges and place them on the ground when you're up on the bridge or in the open ground. Once those cars are getting closer enough, detonate the charges and they'll explode one by one and the mission will be complete.


Journey Started Towards Sam's Location

  • Mason: Sam, you there?
  • Samanya: What's wrong?
  • Mason: Your commander thinks you're walking into a trap.
  • Samanya: He's just paranoid after what happened to your brother... Wait, I think I heard something... Bloody hell! EDF!
  • Mason: Sam, get out of there!
  • Samanya: I'm pinned down!

Saving Samanya From The EDF.

  • Samanya: Thanks, I owe you.
  • Mason: This is one hell of an operation you guys are running.
  • Samanya: The EDF will send reinforcements. You want to crack jokes or get ready for them?
  • Mason: We can't do both?
  • Samanya: The trucks should come in right under that bridge. They'll definantely search the building they attacked me in. Finish up. The drones will be here soon. They'll be looking for me. I'd better lay low.

Preparing For The Ambush

  • Samanya: You'll have a better chance against the EDF near the buildings, not out in the open. Try setting charges near the catwalk and wait for the EDF to cross it. You'll need to time the detonation just right.

EDF Approaching

  • Samanya: Here come the EDF, Mason. Get in position.

Ambush Destroyed

  • Samanya: Not bad, Mason. I'll see you at the safehouse.


  • Alec Mason manages to save Samanya from the EDF ambush.

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