AmRuKuo Corporation
Location Tharsis, Mars / Worldwide, Earth
Leaders Unkown CEO (Deceased)
Members Alec Mason (Formerly), Likely hundreds of thousands if not millions of employees across the solar system.
Allies Earth Defense Force
Enemies Red Faction, Marauders, Kuroari (Competitor), Colonial Transit Authority (Competitor)

The AmRuKuo Corporation, often abbreviated as the ARK Corporation, was an American multinational energy company on Earth and Mars around the time of the Second Martian Revolution. Judging by its name, the present company was formulated after several mergers, one of which being the acquisition of remaining assets of the once powerful Ultor Corporation. Being a key backer of the Earth Defense Force, AmRuKuo owned much of the property across Tharsis, particularly in the Dust and Oasis sectors. It is also a large manufactor of Tharsis' mining equipment, such as the vehicles and walkers. The vehicles and walkers that are made by Amrukuo are painted yellow and black with the company logo noticeably placed. During the revolution, Amrukuo was almost forced to declare bankruptcy by the Red Faction. Losses from industrial sabotage and stolen assets amounted to billions in costs. The continued depletion of resources and decay of infrastructure on Earth exacerbated the company's decline. A high ranking employee was murdered by RF Guerrillas in Eos as well. AmRukuo's stockprices fell over $26 Trillion during the fiscal year of 2120.


  • Alec Mason was employed by The AmRuKuo Corporation
  • AmRuKuo may be based on the ExxonMobil Corporation, an energy giant of the 21st Century.


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